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Behind The Scenes: How We Choose Our Furnishings

Posted by Douds Furniture on Nov 20, 2017 7:25:35 PM

 For sixty-seven years Douds Furniture has provided quality furnishings and services to Plumville. Today Douds Furniture’s Plumville and Greensburg locations are each operated by descendants of our founder, J.L. “Red” Douds. Almost seventy years of operating in the family means that Douds Furniture has had the time and opportunity to refine its operations. Douds has proudly kept up with changing styles and technology while remaining faithful to our core principles.

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5 Things To Consider About Your Floors (That We Can Help With)

Posted by Douds Furniture on Oct 16, 2017 1:58:10 PM

 Struggling to choose the right flooring for your recent home redesign? You’re not alone. Floor design is particularly challenging, requiring the perfect mix of individual style and day-to-day practicality. After all, you want flooring to look good - but you also want it to handle the people who will walk on it, items that will be placed on it, and regular wear and tear.

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Bathroom Design: Beyond The Basics

Posted by Douds Furniture on Oct 16, 2017 1:48:31 PM

Be honest: when you planned out the layout of your home, did you put the same amount of effort into designing your bathroom as your kitchen or living room? In many cases, bathrooms are put off until the end of a home project. It can feel as though the bathroom doesn’t have the same potential as other spaces in the home and isn’t worth the same amount of effort. But in reality they can be as beautiful and well laid-out as you want them to be! It just takes a little planning and work, the same as any other space in your home.

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Designing Your Dream Kitchen With Douds Furniture

Posted by Douds Furniture on Sep 18, 2017 5:10:06 PM

For many families, the kitchen is the center of operation in the home. Food prep and meals each require time and lend to wonderful family memories. And for family members that particularly enjoy cooking, having a perfectly laid out kitchen is essential!

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5 Autumn Decorating Ideas (That We Can Help With)

Posted by Douds Furniture on Aug 31, 2017 4:27:04 PM

It's hard to believe or to admit, but it won't be long now before the leaves begin to change colors and we find ourselves in the midst of the fall season. If you’re looking to create a fall-themed space in your home, now is the perfect time to begin thinking about what you want to add to or rearrange in your home.

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Shopping For Quality Furniture At Douds: What To Expect

Posted by Douds Furniture on Aug 23, 2017 4:40:34 PM

For sixty-seven years Douds Furniture has provided quality home furnishings and extensive professional design services to Plumville. Incredibly, all of that work in its original store - as well as a sister store in Greensburg - has been carried out by the same family.

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Get Your Beauty Sleep: Design A Bedroom With Douds Furniture

Posted by Douds Furniture on Jul 28, 2017 4:44:33 PM

The bedroom is where we start and end our day, meaning that this room can set the tone for what lies ahead from the moment we open our eyes. For many of us, the bedroom is the most private of spaces, and ideally it allows us to rest and helps us feel relaxed and refreshed every day. Poor bedroom design, however, can have the opposite effect. And because a bedroom requires a bed, it can feel as if your bedroom design options are limited from the start - a potentially frustrating constraint.

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3 Design Mistakes Douds Furniture Can Help You Address

Posted by Douds Furniture on Jul 28, 2017 4:33:33 PM

 Be honest: do you feel like your space is really working for you? If not, it may be that the layout of the furniture in your home is to blame. Working with shoppers over the years has helped us learn that common design and layout mistakes are the #1 reason people are not satisfied with their personal space. Now in its third generation of operation, Douds Furniture is able to recognize these common mistakes with ease - and our staff can help your family address them and make your home the home you’ve dreamed of.

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5 Big Questions When Designing Your Home Entertainment Space

Posted by Douds Furniture on Jul 13, 2017 3:31:39 PM

When you picture your family together at home, do you picture them in an entertainment room? For many of us, rooms with an entertainment or media center are a great space for our family and friends to gather and enjoy each other’s company. Like so many other types of furniture, entertainment centers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. As with any piece of furniture, simply going out and picking the first one you see is not recommended when building your perfect gathering space. (By the way, settling for a piece that your TV fits on is also not recommended!)

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5 Guidelines For Designing A Productive Home Office

Posted by Douds Furniture on Jun 29, 2017 6:01:07 PM

In 2015 an incredible 24% of us did some or all of our work at home. The ability to work from home has many benefits but can also come with a large amount of temptation and distraction. Noisy family members, needy pets, and beautiful weather are just a few examples of the sorts of things likely to derail any hard worker. While not every distraction can be eliminated, a good home office design can go a long way in keeping you on a productive track. We recommend using the following design tips the next time you’re arranging your workspace at home:

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